How to build your own toy-drone (not drone yet ;) )

The steps

How to arrive from this



To this

Platform completed

Platform completed

Parts that we have to know to do the project.

.- Chassis Aluminiun 4 wd robot chassis
.- Batteries. (18650 3.7 V 2000mAh) x 3  = 11.1 v 2000 mAh
.- Power adaptator (LM2940 low dropout)
.- Driver Controller (motor shield)
.- Embedded computer (Cubieboard)


I bought this chassis,  it’s quite simple than made it ;), and the final result is really interesting and is cheaper than build.
And it came with the motors and almost the things you need.

Chassis and motors

Chassis and motors

Batteries and power adaptator

The circuits works at 5V and 2 A, so we need to modify the 11.1 V from the batteries to the 5 volts.
The LM2940 is a low dropout it means that the batteries will work with out waste to much energy.
But the LM2940 that I bought can only handle 1 A so I’ve put 3 of them in parallel  (there are a lot of examples on internet.)
(Don’t forget the heat sink)

Batteries and power adaptator

Batteries and power adaptator

Driver Controller (motor shield)

The motor shield can handle as much 15 V so we can use directly the batteries, but be careful cause the max intensity is only 1.2A, and you can damage some circuits, it’s necessary to drop some intensity , and the motor just works fine with 6 V, so it’s necessary to drop some energy, do it or you’ll burn some motor shield, ( I burned two :S )


Embedded computer (Cubieboard)

Well this is the most interesting part, will be the part of brain and how to handle the knowledge,  communications, computer vision, etc.




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