My dreams become a nightmare (bad design)

Bad design

In my previous post I started to design a new model of vehicle based on this wheels and motors.

wheel 2013-08-23-080

I made the mock-up in marquetry, to build the mould with silicone


I used this marquetry mock-up to create a mould with silicone



The wheels I’ve tried to use, are to small and split on the floor.


So this model with this wheels doesn’t works fine, and it gave me a lot of problems, like the axles of wheels (came with out, and I’ve to create a new one)
The wheels are made in hard plastic which slip to much.

The first ideas was to do some one like this as platform of develop, but cheaper

What does mean “bad design”?

Means , I lost time in a wrong way

I waste  money doing mould (silicone is expensive)

To much small problem, which have to be solved.

But I learn to much about marquetry, mould, silicone, etc, not every thing is bad. 🙂

So I’ve to restart again, and I’ll do in small steps.


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