My dreams are coming to the real world

I was waiting for some pieces to design and build the version 1_0
There are not to much to explain, but there are a lot of photos.

This are the omniwheels and the geared motors.

Geared motor
Omni-wheel and geared motors

There is a problem, the axle between the gear motor and the wheel, I’ve launched a question to the supplier, if I don’t have any answer, I should to build one by my self.

First design

First design

First design

This are the drivers for 4 DC motor.

This is the driver which can handle 4 dc motor

Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2 Kit – v2.0

2013-08-27-096 Adafruit

Some steps to build the “platform”

Step 1 2013-08-28-109 2013-08-29_17-17-32_737 2013-08-28-111


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