My firsts steps

My first steps

This is one of the most interesting part of robotics.
To move the robot, we can use one of the first inventions of humanity, the WHEEL.
Yes the wheel, with an electrical motor 🙂

There are a lot of information to use a motor with a microprocesor, and for arduino, even more with dedicated shields.

The idea is to build a vehicle that can follow a line (the most simple robot)

At 80’s

I had a Commdore 64 (C=)  one of the best computer designed ever, I can save on video my presentations, expansion port to work with it (peek, and poke ),  share games, floppy disks, printer , and power enough to play, listen “music”.midi  and my father bought me this book
“Who to make Robots controlled by computer?, for Commodore 64 , VIC 20 and Spectrum”


This book were on of my favourite, when I’ve thirteen and I suppose that  my idea about robots start with it ( I made the robot, but how knows where is it 😦 , may be hi is dreaming with electric sheeps)
The driver for the motors were made with relays and transistors , it could work with very heavy motors cause the power were controlled by the relays
If some one need the circuit with relays I can copy, just ask for it.


Ten years ago

I started to buy a robot by parts it was a Cybot ( it was really nice, and was really well done for the year 2002

This kind of bug should be the final result, but the first parts were cheap, but the rest were expensive, so I didn’t buy everything.But I’ve some parts of electronics, one of this parts, were the “driver” of the motor, is made with transistors and really easy to manage



All the information is in

Connector details
7 Pin Socket 4 Pin Socket MT1 MT2
1 – RH motor forwards.
2 – RH motor backwards.
3 – LH motor forwards.
4 – LH motor backwards.
5 – 5 volts to uP
6 – 6 volts
7 – ground.
1 – ground.
2 – ground.
3 – 9 volts in.
4 – 6 volts in.
LH Motor RH Motor

So we use 2 pins for each motor, the information on the page is very clear and helpful.
But just is the first step.

The “Cybot” advance for a while, turn and advance, and can go back

Arduino pro

This exercise is made with an arduino pro (yes I’ve a a collection of arduinos)

My next step

I’m working in a “vehicle” but I’m waiting for some pieces from Hobbyking
Engines :

Wheels :


But I need a driver at last for 4 motors, so the final shield is this one, but is out stock 😦 I’m waiting to buy)

I’m going to build almost everything , so may be the next post will be related with construction, but it will take time.




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