Communications inside the drone

Inside the drones, there are a lot of communications.

And all of them must speak the same language . The unmanned vehicle has on board sensors, this sensors give us the information, and the information should interpreted by the brain (cubieboard)

The drones must have an autopilot inside which can give us all the information, and it’s possible buy with all the necessary information.
But I like to reinvent the wheel, and understand how all the sensors works.

The sensors give the information using I2C (time, temperature, compass, gyroscope), or analogical (distance) which is converted into digital.

The information from sensors is managed by the microprocessor (arduino)

The microprocessor have to send the information to the computer (cubieboard) but how ? , options ?

Serial ? I2C ?
Maybe the I2C could be more interesting, and may be in the future on other version, but I don’t know wide and deep enough to make the arduino as slave, and master at the same time(even I don’t know if it is possible)

The serial communication is simple, the arduino has the possibility of various serial ports (soft-serial), the cubieboard also have a few ports.

At the arduino part I’ll use the option of soft serial, cause the main serial will be used for debug proposes

At the cubieboard by the moment I’ll use /dev/ttyS0, but I’ll change to /dev/ttyS1, when I’ve the right cables

I made this part in other blog, where you can see both parts, and even the code for the arduino and cubieboard.

Serial inside arduino

Serial inside cubieboard

For sure the code will be improved, is just a schema, any doubt , comment, or suggestion will be appreciated.


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