Lets think about UGV

What’s inside an UGV?

Well it depends about our necessities, and possibilities.

Lets begin about what my UGV doesn’t need.
The UGV will move inside a small area like a field, or building, and should to avoid the obstacles, this is the first idea, quite simple (walk before run).

So my UGV will need.

  1. Cubieboard as brain
  2. Arduino UNO as senses
    1. 6 Analog I/0, but 2 will be used for I2C, so 4 Analog I/O free
    2. 14 Digital I/0, but 2 will be used for Serial communication
  3. Senses
    1. Time: Integrated circuit DS1337,  use I2C
    2. Temperature : Integrated circuit DS1621, use I2C
    3. Compass: Integrated circuit HMC6352 , use I2c https://www.sparkfun.com/products/7915
    4. Distance : Will use an Infrared sensor , using the last 4 analog I/O
      1. Short range : (3 cm to 30cm) One https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8959 (back the UGV)
      2. Normal : (10 cm to 80 cm)  three https://www.sparkfun.com/products/242 (Front, left, right )

      This is the circuit, with the time, temperature and compass, all using I2C, the distance sensors doesn’t arrive yet.

    Senses V 0-1-0

    Senses V 0-1-0


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