Tools to bring an idea to the real world.

Bring the ideas to real world.

I think that bring an idea to the real world is like to become a Doc Frankenstein without the crazy part 🙂


  1. Terrestrial vehicle (so I need wheels , by the moment )
    1. This part should not be very complicated, I’m going to build using a radio control car as base
  2. Motor.
  3. Brain
  4. Senses
  5. conscience of environment


  1. Imagination
  2. Openscad. (3d design )
  3. QCAD (CAD)
  4. Basic Geometrical knowledge
  5. Knowledge in computing and electronic
  6. Time to study


  1. Imagine
  2. Design
  3. Draw
  4. Search information
  5. More information
  6. Do the plans
  7. And more plans (as most detailed the plans, as more quality at the final design  )
  8. How much energy do my vehicle need?
  9. Build (HOW ??, like a RC Car ?? )
  10. Model in epoxi resin
  11. Build  (for sure will back to redesign)
  12. Re model in epoxi resin again
  13. Assembly the components
  14. Study more electronics
  15. and more about engines
  16. Program some simple thing (go and back)
  17. Program more complex (go and back but detect things mean while)
  18. More and more complex things, and beyond …..

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