Building my dreams

autonomous vehicle


Let me introduce my self, I’m Pablo and I’m a computer engineer with a lot of ideas and dreams

Now I’ve been fired and mean while I’m looking for a new job, I started to improve and share all the needed knowledge to build a drone.

I’ll try to do all the things from the design till the programming, I suppose this project will take me around 6 moths

I started this project without much than an idea, and I’m going to build this from zero, just with some tools as can be my imagination, advices, internet, and all the knowledge that I can lern.

Since I was child I thought how I can build my own robotics and drones, but when I was a child there are just fictions

Now the time to build arrived, I know that I’m a n00b on this subject, but I’ve a lot of years of dreams, and a lot of creativity and I would this dreams become to the real world

I made a blog about a cubieboard that should be the embedded computer that  be the brain of the drone, also it will be communicated with the environment using arduinos and different sensors
This is the blog that I made


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