What do I’ll need to build a drone ??

What it’s a drone ?

Well as I read a drone it’s an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), that has the capability of autonomous flight without a pilot in control, but I extrapolated the idea to any vehicle capable of autonomous movement, as could be an UGV (Unmanned ground Vehicle) or submarine (one of my future projects)

What do I need ?

  1. Autonomous vehicle: one car in my case
  2. An autopilot

What is exactly an autopilot ?

  1. The autopilot should to know how to pilot (obviously 🙂 ).
  2. Go from point A to point B following a path
  3. Detect and correct any interference

How will work the autopilot ?

  1. Take the information from the environment
    1. Position
    2. Velocity
    3. Acceleration
    4. Distance to an object
    5. Take plans of their mission
    6. etc….
  2. Process the information
    1. Move the wheel in the right direction
    2. Avoid interference

Who will do all this job ?

  1. Acquire the information : arduino
    1. Sensors: Sonar,  vision, temperature, GPS,  gyroscopes , compass
    2. Could be an autopilot all done like ardupilot
  2. Process the information : cubieboard

    1. I wee also add artificial intelligence (e-logical)
    2. Computer vision
  3. For more information about how they works here it’s my other blog




But I don’t need a body ?

For all this we need chassis, propellers, engines, batteries, gears, etc.. for all this the world of Radio Control will give me all the material we could need.

I’m going to design almost of parts, and for sure I’ll change the design but the first idea is this



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